Kolibri Studio User GuideΒΆ

Select and organize the content for Kolibri

Kolibri Studio is the tool used to organize content and build content channels for Kolibri, an open-source platform specially designed to provide offline access to educational content.

Kolibri runs in a local network (LAN), and serves the connected devices (computers, tablets, etc.), but does not include any content upon installation. To be able to serve the learning content to their local users, facility administrators must import content channels into Kolibri.

While it is possible to install Kolibri and import content channels without an active Internet connection, you need to to access the Kolibri Studio online in order to start curating a new content channel, or update an existing one with new learning materials.

Kolibri and Kolibri Studio content pipeline.

Kolibri and Kolibri Studio content pipeline.